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Best Adult Kick Scooters Under $100

Who said that kick scooters are only for kids?  Not only are they a fun way to get around, they also provide a pretty good workout.  Kick scooters are a sustainable mode of transportation and we think they are among the best micro-mobility options available.  Scooters can get pricey so we've taken the headache out of finding affordable and reliable options.  This list gives a glimpse into different types of scooters that can be used for different reasons and are considered to be cheap in price.  Whether you want to commute, ride for fun, or keep up with your kids on your evening walks, there's something for you.  So let's take a look at the Best Adult Kick Scooters Under $100.


1. Globber NL 500-205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter - $69.99

Why it's awesome:  This scooter is foldable and the T-bar is adjustable so its perfect for even tall adults.  The front suspension and 205mm ABEC-5 wheels provide a nice smooth ride.  Adults up to 220 lbs can enjoy this scooter.  Comes in 4 colors.

2. CITYGLIDE C200 Adult Kick Scooter $89.99

Why it's awesome:  Supports up to 220 lbs and 6ft 2in tall with size 12 shoe size.  This scooter comes with 200mm ABEC-7 wheels so you'll have a smooth comfy glide.  Weighing just 9 lbs the foldable design makes it easy to store or carry.  4 color choices are available.

3. SwagTron K8 Titan Adult Kick Scooter $79.99

Why it's awesome:  Perfect for tall riders up to 6ft 5in.  It folds quickly and feels solid on the extra large buttery smooth 250mm wheels with ABEC-9 bearings.  This kick scooter is a favorite among adult commuters.

4. LaScoota Teen/Adult Kick Scooter $99.00

Why it's awesome:  If you want a stylish scooter with a large variety of color options and an extra wide deck for a safe ride this is your pick.  Popular with commuter riders it comes with a carrying strap and requires no real assembly.  The high quality wheels and front suspension give an effortless ride and it folds down/opens up in seconds so you can hop on and off the public transit with no problem.  This LaScoota model is a fan favorite so you can't go wrong.

5. Mongoose Trace 180 Adult Kick Scooter $64.99

Why it's awesome:  Weighting only 8.6 lbs this scooter folds quickly and sports 180mm wheels with ABEC-7 bearings.  It features 3 T-bar lock positions to support riders of different heights and you'll love the included kickstand.   This popular kick scooter also comes with grip tape to ensure a safe ride.


So now you have 5 affordable adult scooters to choose from.  Each one is different but any of them will satisfy your needs.  Comment below if you have used or plan to use any of the above mentioned models!  Happy scooting!


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