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Must Have Single-use Plastic Solutions

Rolling into the new year we’ve all made plenty of resolutions. For some of us the goal is to eat healthier. For others it’s to spend more time with friends and family. Have you ever though to make a resolution to become greener? If not, it’s okay. The fact is, if you don’t think consciously you will never feel the need for change. Luckily there is never a wrong time to start saving the planet. Imagine this, you arrive at your local coffee shop and order your usual.  "Iced coffee with almond milk!" is yelled from the order pickup counter.  You slurp it down and the look for the nearest garbage can to toss the remains.  Plastic cup, plastic lid, plastic straw.  All on their way to a landfill because the fact is, currently only about 1% of disposable cups are recycled. Or maybe you like to shop at that big brand grocery store. You do your weekly grocery shopping and you’re so excited that your favorite items are on sale so you load up and come out with several plastic bags full of groceries. Those handy stretchy plastic bags are more headache than blessing for plant Earth.  Shoppers across the globe use over 500 million bags per year, most of which do not end up being recycled or reused in some way. These are just a few examples of how as humans we forget that Earth needs to be respected and protected against our own activities.  Each day millions of plastic particles are deposited into our oceans daily. Research tells us that in less than 30 years we could see the world’s oceans filled with more plastic than fish. Single use plastic products continue being produced and the numbers continue to rise for one reason…demand. The more we continue to ask for to-go silverware at restaurants and buy goods packaged in an excessive amount of plastic the more plastic manufacturers will continue to produce it. Many people do not think about where their trash goes and are not conscious of how much waste they actually accumulate.  What if you could take a step towards wasting less while forming a good habit?  Would you do it?  Of course you would!  For that reason we have created a list of items that will keep you from contributing to the growing problem of world environmental pollution. Below you will find a few of our things to help you make a positive impact on Earth and green your daily routine. Click the direct links for more info from each company and to buy.  Enjoy.


PlanT Eco Bamboo Straw On The Go Kit

- Bamboo straw, hemp straw cleaner, and bamboo case for on the go.

Naturally Sensible Mesh Produce Bags

- Washable reusable bags.  Awesome for produce and more.

Greens Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

- Reusable insulated steel tumbler for hot or cold drinks.

Sugarberry Reusable Bags

-Perfect for daily shopping, a day at the beach, school, or work.

pataBee Organic Beeswax Wraps 

- Essential to any zero waste lunch box.

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