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Natural Bamboo Soap Dish

Natural Bamboo Soap Dish

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Natural wood soap dishes made from Bamboo- sold in 3 varieties: stained bamboo, natural wood bamboo or wide slat bamboo.

A soap dish will increase the longevity of your products so that your soap doesn't sit a pool of excess water.

Use: The deep grooves quickly drain away water. Use in the kitchen or bath; they will hold any of our soap bars, shampoo bars, or even a dish block. 

Cleaning/Storage: Soap can build up on the soap deck over time, so use a scrub brush to periodically clean out the grooves - you can even run it through the top shelf of the dishwasher to clean. 

The stained wood may stain light-colored porous surfaces such as untreated marble. We successfully use this on glass, granite, ceramic and porcelain counter tops and in showers.